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 “The inspiration came from my lifelong belief in the circularity of good design (no ‘dead ends’) and its integration with nature,

   Designer Michael Jude Russo is a lifetime environmental artist.

Russo's obsession with connection is obvious in all his art and design.

"All things can be combined if it's done right"

   This Private Gated Oasis Retreat is exactly what you are in need of during these times. A true unique Work of Art with an expansive two bedroom two bath open floor plan featuring a bachelor kitchen and set in a fenced, panoramic mature garden with views from 3 sides of sliding glass walls overlooking your pool!


Sculptures and art on display in the house have been previously made by famous art designer Michael Jude Russo.

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What he has taken the most care of abroad is to respect above all the environmental
conscience. The exterior, which is a beautiful and huge garden, is therefore 100% Green
and ecological. In this way, health is achieved in connections, respecting nature in the
first place. If nature is respected and cared for, it can easily find its chromatic and
aesthetic union with the interior of the house, to form the perfect sum.


2 Bedrooms

2 Bathroom

Open Kitchen

Living Room / Dining Room



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This 1957 house completely remodeled in 2010 immerses you in an aura of connectivity.

It highlights continuous interior-to-exterior views.


Sculpture and art mimic life and function in each room. We ourselves become a part of the nature and art we experience!

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Built in 1957 on a roughly quarter-acre lot facing south, the creative artist’s 1,386-square-foot residence features an open-floor plan with an abundance of glass to blur the boundaries between the indoors and out. “The inspiration came from my lifelong belief in the circularity of good design (no ‘dead ends’) and its integration with nature,” explained owner and artist Michael Jude Russo. “My favorite aspect of the house is how natural light plays visually through the interior during the day. I appreciate the house as an artistically interconnected functional entity. One that offers framed garden views through every door and window.”

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